Arkadiko in 2023

Where we're going we don't need fiat... 🌚

Stable Swap Release

In collaboration with ALEX, we released the first version of our stable swap xUSD/USDA. In this pool xUSD and USDA are priced stable against each other (~$1), which allows for efficient and low slippage swaps. The swap mechanism works smoothly and incentivises arbitrage of the two stablecoins.

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Stacks 2.1 Upgrade

The long-awaited Stacks 2.1 upgrade is finally here! In March, Arkadiko will upgrade its Proof-of-Transfer (PoX) stacker contracts to take advantage of the more efficient continuous stacking of Stacks 2.1. The stacked STX in your Arkadiko vaults will see a yield increase of up to 33% thanks to this hard fork!

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Multisig Oracle Upgrade

A functioning DeFi ecosystem needs great and reliable oracles. Any DeFi OG should be well-aware of that! We continuously innovate on our core infrastructure and oracles are a major part of that. Expect further decentralisation and multisig capabilities on Arkadiko Oracles soon.


Borrowing stablecoins against native BTC through DLCs

This one is a beast! 🐲 As part of a new product, Arkadiko is collaborating with the great people of to launch the first native bitcoin lending market on-chain. Borrow stablecoins against a DLC (Discreet Log Contract) on Bitcoin!

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DIKO Tokenomics Upgrade 🐎

Tokenomics are of utmost importance! We get that. The DIKO emissions in our farms have been extremely profitable and now your DIKO will become more valuable too! Expect great things such as a USDA revenue share for staking DIKO and improved incentives for DIKO holders. More on this soon.


sBTC as collateral

sBTC is the Stacks way of unlocking a truly decentralised bitcoin asset. sBTC powers smart contracts on Bitcoin, secured by the entire hash power of Bitcoin, without relying on a fixed federation or other points of centralization. Arkadiko will support sBTC as pristine collateral to borrow USDA against!

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