What if loans could repay themselves?

Get rewarded to borrow, no need for monthly payments.

By launching the app, you agree to the EULA

Built on Stacks, secured by Bitcoin.


A growing suite of liquidity solutions

We build state of the art open source apps to access the Arkadiko Protocol.


Collateralize your STX tokens and mint our stablecoin USDA, which you can use for yield farming.


Swap your favorite tokens on the Arkadiko Decentralized Exchange, all on top of the Stacks blockchain.


Stake your DIKO tokens to get rewarded. You will receive stDIKO that can be used in Governance voting.


Vote on proposals. All protocol changes will run through a governance vote, e.g. to change risk parameters on Arkadiko collateral types.

Develop on the new financial standard

Arkadiko is a decentralised and transparent DAO.
We believe in building in the open.
All our code is licensed with GPLv3.
Contribute to the future of finance on Stacks and Bitcoin.

Connect with thousands of people loving Arkadiko today. Our community matters.

Frequently asked questions

Our whitepaper

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